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    Well, I hope no one takes it personally, but the utter glee at losing and Jags avatars, etc, about had me ready to quit the board. And I do feel, not necessarily this board but in general, that Colts fans don't completely appreciate what Manning has done, either because they don't really remember the time before he started or because he's not a Basketball player. Really, I'm not in the habit of gushing over some sports figure at all, but I felt like I had to post it. Again, not going the route of questioning people's 'fanhood' but it's a personal feeling. I'm excited to get Luck if it means avoiding another decade of Jeff George Jack Trudeau QB controversy but if Manning has played his last down as a Colt, it'd feel like he never got the right send off (like Reggie did) and that'd be a bit tragic, at least as sports stories can be called 'tragic.'

    I think most of us appreciate what Manning has done (although I admit I do think we should've gotten more than one SB out of him but that's more of a management issue than a Manning issue with me) however we also do remember what the Colts were like before(a lot of us anyways) and we don't want to revisit it anytime soon either.

    Look at the Dolphins and Broncos who have waited forever to get that next great QB after Marino and Elway and that QB never came(and they are still waiting)

    We don't want the Colts to end up like that and without a great QB and a small market such as this we're on our way to being irrelevant.

    It would suck if the last memory of Manning as a Colt was him looking at Caldwell in disgust for calling a bad timeout but unfortunately not everyone gets the Elway sendoff.

    When it ends it just ends...

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