The first trade of the 2011-2012 season.

Amsterdam Pigeons trade:
#5 pick
Demarr DeRozen


Cedar City for:
#4 pick

Might seem as a steep price, but in my opinion it was worth it. Even though DeRozen was getting more efficient from the second half of last season he still wasn't as efficient as I think he should have been. I'm expecting him to raise his FPPM more this year, but not enough for me to keep him on my allready pretty deep roster.

Moving up only one spot might seem insignificant, but there are 4 guys in the draft that I REALLY LIKE and both Irving and Williams I expect to be going pretty much 1 & 2, so that leaves 2 and I would hate to see both of them getting picked just ahead of me. So I've guaranteed that I atleast get one of these two players. Best of all? Each one fills one of two different needs I identified as a weakeness on my team.

I expect Dr. Badd (Cedar City) to be pretty happy aswell as his squad just acquired a talented bench player who might become a starter for him later on and still has a pick at #5.