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Thread: OT: Lakers decline option on Rush

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    Default OT: Lakers decline option on Rush

    Sorry if this has already been posted. Kinda surprised about this since he isnt getting paid that much and when he's on can fill it up from 3. Although he plays zero D and doesn't bring anything to the table when his shot isnt falling.

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    Default Re: OT: Lakers decline option on Rush

    That is suprising, actually. Closer to shocking. I thought he had had some pretty nice games for them. To not pick up the option on a promising rookie? Weird. Wonder if there was something behind the scenes.

    I'm so glad we didn't draft him, though. Say what you want about I.Thomas, but he sure is a good judge of draft talent.
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    Default Re: OT: Lakers decline option on Rush

    Yea, it's not like quality 3 point shooters are a dime a dozen in the league right now. Maybe the Pacers can pick him up for cheap next year.

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    Default Re: OT: Lakers decline option on Rush

    Without Shaq drawing the double team, Rush is no longer going to get those open perimeter shots. That has drastically decreased his value for the Lakers and how they're currently structured.

    We definitely made the right choice in drafting Freddie over Rush, and I was a Rush fan.

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    Default Re: OT: Lakers decline option on Rush

    Does ANYONE still think we should have taken Rush over Freddie?
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    "What about Primoz? They didn't have Shaq, but we didn't have Primoz," he said.
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    Default Re: OT: Lakers decline option on Rush

    LA opts not to pick up the option on Rush but we've got Bender in his 15th year.... or is it his 6th year?

    Nuntius was right. I was wrong. Frank Vogel has retained his job.


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