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Thread: who starts? Paul George Hill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steagles View Post
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    Hill isn't and never has been a point guard. Plus signing West is as good of indicator as any that we intend on giving Darren every chance to succeed.

    Hill at the point guard spot has one of the top 5 or 10 worst assist rates in the entire league, compared to that DC is Chris Paul moving the ball around.

    He doesn't play well at the one, never has, he considers himself a two, he's always been a two, San Antonio realized it eventually we'd be good to put him a position to succeed not throwing him into a position that he neither likes, nor is good at.

    He's an undersized two, maybe VERY situational combo guard, his long arms ensure that he can defend guys that are taller than him, like kobe, and those other guys in the West that Pop loved to put him on.

    George is arguably our best defender already, he should be starting at the two so that he can harass and bother the other teams best perimeter scorer. Hill and Hans will be a nice punch off the bench.
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