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    Instead of just getting EJ, the Hornets could get Danny Granger and Hans instead while we get Eric Gordon . similar to what they would have got in the rocket, laker trade.

    but the people who are saying we will never get Eric gordon are outnumbering those who say we will.

    I really don't care if we get him.
    The difference with that is Gordon is a young player whereas Gasol was not. The Hornets wouldn't trade Gordon for Ganger/Hans. Other owners would flip because of the increase in payroll that trade would bring.

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    Actually it looks like to me what Stern is pushing is REDUCTION OF SALARY for the Hornets along with the acquisition of many draft picks.


    To sell the team. That's the ONLY THING Stern is doing with that team right now and why he vetoed the trade. People want to buy something they can then make their own, or an already great team. Think about the trouble they've had selling a team that had Chris Paul and David West.

    So you reduce the price by reducing the roster and turning it into a virtual blank slate.

    Gordon works as an expiring that can be let go or SnT, an asset that the new owner won't be financially committed to. If Stern wanted actual basketball talent assets he would have just let the original deal go through but that would have meant a higher salary point and a harder sell.

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