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    Default Ultimate Day of Irony

    Saturday December 10, 2011

    What a lousy day it turned out to be.

    I actually had a weekend day where I had no outside responsibility. What a day, because I could go deer hunting with my bro-in-law. Um, no he can't go due to a rear brake drum locking up on his truck and a $200 tow to the repair shop.
    So OK, I'll call my son and go with him....he's always off and willing to go deer hunting on a weekend. But no, he's got to get a roof put on before bad weather comes in.
    So here I am FINALLY having a day off and nobody to go hunting with.

    But that''s the best news for the gets worse.

    So I dutifully staed home to do chores around the house while anxiously waiting on the IU game. Finally the game comes on and I'm blissfully watching the first half as the wife is locked away writing final exams. Thats an all day high intense session for her. As it happend, she came out of the office just as the 2nd half was starting and asked if she could sit with me, watch a tv show we had recorded, and have some dinner.
    Showing compassion for her loneliness, I agreed and set the game to record on the DVR figuring on watching the game when she was rested.
    Disturbing my quiet impatience, Geezer Jr. called all excited to share with me the glorious news of IU's victory (mind you, I DO NOT like to be told the outcome early). I could only laugh about the situation because he was soooo happy. It's ok I thought I'll watch it anyway and enjoy the glory of it all. Anticipating the end of our show and the return of my tv, Mrs Geezer decided she was in no hurry to get back to work. Not wanting to be a jerk...afterall I already knew the outcome...we ended up watching nearly 3 hrs of shows we normally watch together throughout the week. In the meantime, Geezer Jr's older brother text me to say how nuts Bloomington was and how it was all over the TV.
    FINALLY FINALLY I told the wife that I wanted to watch the game and she sheepishly slunk off to her office to finish writing exams.
    Somewhat anti-climatically I turned on the game and watched. Even tho I knew what was coming I was set to enjoy the celebration anyway. The DVR quit recording with 2 minutes to go in the game.
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