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Thread: Robert Griffin III won the Heisman

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    Default Re: Robert Griffin III won the Heisman

    Quote Originally Posted by Shade View Post
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    I really don't get all the Griffin love on this board. The closest NFL comparison to Luck and Griffin is Peyton and Vick. Who would take Vick over Peyton?
    SMH. With the internet literally at your fingertips, I just don't understand this stuff.

    Vick's best completion percentage at Va Tech? 59.2% which was actually his freshman year. His soph year he completed a whooping 54%.

    RGIII WORST season for completion % was 59.9%. He completed 72% of his passes this season.

    RGIII is a damn good passing QB, even if he didn't have the ability to run the ball. He's GOOD.

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