Pacers recieve: Eric Gordon
Clippers recieve: Chris Paul
Hornets recieve: Brandon Rush, Lance Stephenson, Willie Warren, Pacers 2012 1st, Clippers 2012 2nd

The Pacers, while giving up two young 2's get a better 2 in EJ. A hometown hero, Gordon will not only sell tickets but merchandise as well as providing that shooter we need. Rush finds a new home, and a new start in a place where he and Lance can flourish, in a rebuild phase.

The Clippers, while giving up EJ, still win this deal with arguably the best defender in the NBA, even if it is just a two year rental. That could put the Clippers over the top as a force in the west.

New Orleans, no matter what, loses this deal. Dealing CP3 and starting a rebuild is in the best interest of the Hornets however. He has already expressed that he is not coming back. They will want as much as they can get and then run. They do however get three young backcourt guys with huge upside, who are young and could start a new era in NO. They also get another first and second in the most loaded draft class since 2003.