I wonder if we could get in the middle of the Monta Ellis deal.

I bet the Hornets would prefer Collison back, because of familiarity and contract size. So maybe something centered around Collison, Stephenson or Rush, Dahntay or Posey (for contract purposes), and a First to get Monta.

The total package for NO then becomes:

Dahntay (or Posey)
probably a 2012 First from Golden State
and a 2013 First from us

Their roster then becomes:

PG- Collison, Jack
SG- Thomspon, Rush, Green
SF- Ariza, Pondexter, Ewing
PF- Udoh
C - Okafor

They are then set up to bring in a guy in free agency in the front court, like Landry, West, I heard Nene thrown around, probably Aaron Gray, etc. Then draft a couple of bigs next year.

Indiana gets Monta Ellis
Golden State gets Chris Paul