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    Default IND/NO/LAC

    Clippers receive: Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza

    Hornets receive: Eric Bledsoe, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris Kaman, Darren Collison, Brandon Rush, Minnesota's 1st round pick

    Pacers receive: Jarret Jack, Carl Landry, somebody's 1st round pick or 3

    Decent haul for New Orleans. Clippers can start CP3, EJ, Ariza, Griffin, and Jordan. Pacers get a solid PG for two years, an offensive PF off the bench, and at least one draft pick. I don't know whether both NO and LAC have an extra 1st rounder laying around, but they owe us one or both here.

    Ship one of our 1st rounders for Oden. Sign Foster and Battier. Find a 2-guard who would come here for cheap or hope L Boogie is ready.

    Resign Dunleavy to the minimum (whatever that might be for a veteran) and place him on the inactive roster unless we're in an emergency. I said it. Maybe he's the cheap guard. Maybe he's the guy in suit signed to be player, but actually he's a semi-assistant coach.

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    I'm sorry, but I've got plenty wrong with this trade.

    1. I don't think NOH would take DC back, even when losing Chris Paul.
    2. For that haul, we should be receiving someone better than Jarret Jack.
    3a. If we're going to be in trade talks with the Clippers, I would have to say that EJ's presence would become evident, and he wouldn't hesitate to express his concerns about moving (back) to Indy (if he actually has such concerns).
    3b. This trade would be much, much different if EJ was included, so you can discredit 3a and 3b.
    4. I disbelieve that a first rounder would land us Oden. In addition to this, I don't think I would be willing to trade off a (potentially high) first rounder (in a deep draft) for a center who's played one full season in four years.
    5. Remaining consistent with this deal, signing Foster and Battier, after receiving Landry and Oden, would be redundant and overcompensating. If we have Roy and (healthy) Oden, we won't need Foster.
    6. Battier would be especially redundant if we were to re-sign Dunleavy. If we want Foster and Dun on the team to help teach veteranship or improve the team from a coach-like standpoint, we can sign them with non-cap space money, as specialized assistant coaches, not players, filling roster space.

    Nice, full, NBA-style blockbuster trade, but there are more than six reasons this wouldn't work to any extent. However, if CP3 eventually does end up with the Clippers (great idea), then I think all of us (as Pacers fans) should give up on any hope we have of bringing in EJ. With a CP3/EJ/Ariza/Griffin/Jordan starting lineup, the Clippers would destroy the Western Conference, and strike fear in OKC and Dallas as a leading Western team.
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