I posted this at sports.ws at season's end last year and didn't get a response. I want to make sure I got all the trades correct before I post the draft order. Please look this over and make sure it's correct. I don't know if it's cause I'm tired, but I see a conflict with #5 at the bottom of the page w/ gnawbone. Am I wrong? Lemme know.

I wanted to get this stuff done yesterday. My hope is to get this all figured out, put out a draft list, w/ a league wide email and leave trading open till 12/14, when your final protected list would be due, the draft on 12/17 (If everyone agrees upon that as a draft date)


Culmination of trades and draft picks
Feb 10 2011 6:24pm

I think I have all this straight. You guys are some draft pick trading mofos! Dayam! Here's a basic brakdown of the latest trades throughout the season and the final results in terms of who owns whom's draft picks.


Concord - Little Fort Trade

F - Lamar Odom (LAL)
GF - Hedo Turkoglu (PHO)
GF - Stephen Jackson (CHA)

to Concord for:

F - Reggie Williams (GSW)
FC - Andrea Bargnani (TOR)
G - Goran Dragic (PHO)
Concord's First Round Pick next Year


Amsterdam - Gnawbone Trade:

to Gnawbone
John Wall - G, WAS
2010 2nd round pick

to Amsterdam
Blake Griffin F, LAC
2011 1st round pick
(picks determined by record, rather than picks acquired in trades)


Crazy - Nash City Trade

Al Jefferson
Luol Deng


Rudy Gay
Kenyon Martin
2011 1st Round Pick


Venice/Cedar City Trade:

Vince Carter


Yi Jianlian
Cedar City's 2011 second round pick.



Trades R Stuckey


Trades F Garcia & his first round draft pick in 2011


Both Little Fort Bottom Feeders and the Amsterdam Pigeons agreed on a trade involving 4 players and 4 picks.

Amsterdam trades:

- Stephen Curry (G)
- Mo Williams (G)
- Charly Villanueva (F)
- Gnawbones 2010 1st rounder (acquired by Amsterdam in a trade)
- Amsterdams 2010 3rd rounder

to Little Fort Bottom Feeders for:

- Derrick Rose
- Concord Hobgoblins 2010 1st rounder acquired by Little Fort Bottom Feeders in a trade
- Little Fort Bottom Feeders 2010 2nd rounder

DiscoverTasmania.com trades FC Robin Lopez (PHO)and Bangcock’s 1st round pick to Bangkok for F Wesley Johnson (MIN).


Little Fort trades FC Andrea Bargnani (TOR), G Stephen Curry (GSW), Gnawbone's 1st pick and Little Fort's 1st pick to Cedar City for C Greg Oden (POR), FC Chris Bosh (MIA), F Carmelo Anthony (DEN), G Ty Lawson (DEN).


As I understand things, Here's where we stand.

1. Amsterdam has Concord's 1st pick 2011 and Little Fort’s 2011 second round pick

2. Little Fort has Gnawbone's 1st pick 2011 and Gnawbone has Amsterdam's 2nd pick 2011

3.Crazy has Nash's 1st pick 2011

4. Venice has Cedar's 2nd pick 2011

5. Cedar City has Little Forts #1 pick and Gnawbones #1 for 2011 draft

6. Little Fort has Amsterdam's 3rd round pick 2011.

Make sure I have things right. You have NO IDEA how much of a pain it was keeping up, lol. Good thing I like you guys!