"2. Indiana

Status: $20.9 million under the cap ($28.5 million if the Pacers amnesty James Posey)
Current 2-guards: Brandon Rush, Jimmy Chitwood

Notes: Since it doesn't look like they're getting Nene, Gasol or Chandler, why wouldn't they upgrade their 2-spot with Afflalo when he's the perfect fit for that team? Think about what we watched from Indiana last season: smart, efficient, overachieving, always played hard, very good defensively, and most important, flexible. Wouldn't Afflalo fit in spectacularly with Danny Granger, Darren Collison, Paul George, Roy Hibbert, George Hill, Tyler Hansbrough and Rush? What if the Pacers shelled out $50 million for Afflalo, then brought back Josh McRoberts or spent a little more for a center (DeAndre Jordan, Greg Oden, Sam Dalembert, etc)? That's a real basketball team! Especially for a kooky regular season like this one — 66 games in 120 days — when teams with depth and young legs might have a genuine advantage."

Thoughts? I didn't realize Afflalo was that good....