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Thread: Lakers want Dwight Howard and Chris Paul | ESPN

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    Default Re: Lakers want Dwight Howard and Chris Paul | ESPN

    Quote Originally Posted by Basketball Fan View Post
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    Overall I agree but that's what Stern wants go figure never mind that nothing the other three leagues do will ever match the NFL's success even though they always want that big star preferably in a big market because big markets live and die by their sports teams(stereotype) And I have always thought Stern was a moron to put all his eggs in one basket (Jordan) sure it was successful but what happens after he's gone?

    Sure there was Kobe and Shaq but their feud was on the same team.

    A superteam is rather subjective.

    Did you consider KG/Ray Allen/Paul Pierce a Superteam?

    Even though those guys are rather old?

    Or is it a superteam because these guys are in their prime?

    The Eagles had their stars and were considered a "Dream Team" in name only yet failed to deliver.

    The variable here is that there is no guarantee that this actually works which is why the Miami Thrice have opt out clauses in case they don't win within 4 years they're out.

    And they didn't even win last year it was a team in Dallas with the same star they had since the beginning.

    You can put stars together but in the end it doesn't guarantee anything as far as titles.
    Your last sentence hit the nail on the head. Having 2 or 3 superstars on the team wont guarantee a title. Unless there games come together and they play as a team they will fall short. A good team that plays fundamentally sound as we saw in the finals last year beat the 2 and a half stars in Miami.
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    Default Re: Lakers want Dwight Howard and Chris Paul | ESPN

    Hell, I think every other team in the league would want that pair. Getting them both is a tad unrealistic for any team unless they want to field a 7 man rotation. Having three top tier guys and the rest of the team being a mixed bag of vet minimum guys hoping that they can get carried to a ring just doesn't seem like they way to go.

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