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    Brandon Rush + AJ Price for Nikola Pekovic

    Pekovic is a solid, tough backup Center and he's 25 years old. He has 2 years/$9 million left on his contract.

    T-Wolves have Brad Miller and Darko at the 5 already and Tolliver and Love can both play it if necessary. They could use Rush's 3P shooting and a backup 1 like AJ wouldn't hurt.

    I would throw in a future 2nd if that's what it took to get the deal done. I like what Pekovic can bring in the backup 5 spot.

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    Good stuff right here. Only adjustment I would make is that we get a 2nd round pick and not them b/c I believe that to take his salary off of their hands is doing them a favor due to their lack of minutes, plus they get Rush and Price.

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