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Thread: Any word on the B-list CBA talks?

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    Default Any word on the B-list CBA talks?

    Last I heard, they were set to meet at noon on Friday the 1st to start negotiations on these issues, but I don't believe I've heard a word on it since then.

    What's going on with them? Anyone know?

    I think the idea was to have those negotiations wrapped up by Wednesday, but I find it a little strange that nobody in the media seems to be covering.

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    Default Re: Any word on the B-list CBA talks?

    Have not heard. I heard Billy and David were discussing those over the weekend. Have not heard that there will be any problems.

    The fact no one in the media is covering is hopefully a good thing.

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    Default Re: Any word on the B-list CBA talks?

    Hot off the press...

    Progress on B-list; on-time vote expected -

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Beger
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    NEW YORK -- Negotiators have made significant progress on secondary issues that must be finalized before the new collective bargaining agreement can be ratified and are confident the process will be completed in time for both sides to vote on the deal this week, a person briefed on the process told

    Lawyers for the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have pared the list of outstanding items to about 50, down from about 250 when the process began Friday, the person said. Among the more important B-list issues, it remains likely that the age limit for draft eligibility will be unchanged and is expected to be revisited at a later date when there is time for more thorough discussion. The two sides also are still negotiating the language on a new drug-testing policy and a provision by which teams will be able to shuttle players back and forth to the NBA Development League.

    Player reps from all 30 teams will be in New York Wednesday to discuss details of the new deal. Players and the league's Board of Governors are scheduled to vote eletronically on Thursday, with training camps and free agency slated to open Friday.

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    Default Re: Any word on the B-list CBA talks?

    No news is good news.
    "Nobody wants to play against Tyler Hansbrough NO BODY!" ~ Frank Vogel

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