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    Question Sign and Trades

    So if Indy was to get Gasol. They wouldn't need Hibbert anymore really. Which leads me to think, if they could center a package around Roy Hibbert to New Orleans for a double sign and trade involving Chris Paul and David West...would New Orleans be paying their salaries or would we be paying the bulk of it? Also what pieces would have to go over to NO in a s&t for Paul and West? Hibbert would be one obviously. But who else? Would we have to get a third team involved?

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    If we're asking for CP3 and West, we're most likely giving Granger, Hibbert, and George
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    I dont think that we could trade for anyone with West... No way we trade for CP3 without him signing an extension... I am guessing that if he wont sign an extension with Boston, he ain't signing one with the Pacers...

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