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Thread: Wells Tweets

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    Default Re: Wells Tweets

    Sign Gasol and crawford. Trade him OR Hibbert to Magic for Howard. And trade Gasol or Hibbert along with Collison to NO for CP3. If they want to resign after next season, great. If they don't, we still get cap space and could posibily resign Hibbert and Collison.

    Pacers trade: Gasol, crawford
    Magic trade: Howard

    Pacers trade: Collison, Hibbert
    Hornets trade CP3


    Celtics trade: Rondo

    CP3 or Rondo

    never going to happen though.....
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    Default Re: Wells Tweets

    Quote Originally Posted by immortality View Post
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    Just because Drake is from Canada, doesn't mean he can't sing about NY, (and Canada has some great rappers these day like SHAD). Anyways I agree, expecting Dwight Howard or CP3 to sign with Indy is unreal. CP3 has already said he wants to be in New York, and DH knows orlando can't get decent players because they have so many horrid contracts.
    I was responding to the generalized argument that a star can't market themselves effectively while playing for a small market team. I don't think there is a realistic chance of Chris Paul coming here. Heres a couple examples that prove my point.

    1. Lebron was the biggest player in the league while playing for Cleveland. Moving to Miami did nothing to help Lebrons "Brand", he probably had made less money because of his stunt.

    2. Kevin Durant will do just fine in Oklahoma City. Interestingly, in terms of fashion, all the kids are wearing backpacks like his now.
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