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Thread: Yahoo! NBA Dynasty H2H League

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    Default Yahoo! NBA Dynasty H2H League

    Looking for 2 managers to take over existing teams, in a 12 team NBA dynasty H2H league, going into its 2nd year.

    A 1 round supplemental/rookie draft will be held on Monday, Dec.19 at 7:00 p.m.

    Daily participation is required. If you can't commit to your team everyday, please do not sign up.

    League ID#: 4283
    Password: abc123

    The League was formed last year by means of a 17 round serpentine draft. The two teams available are as follows:

    1.(Finished 8th regular season)
    L. Aldridge
    S. Battier
    M. Bellinilli
    O. Casspi
    M. Ellis
    R. Gomes
    J. Harden
    S. Hawes
    J.J. Hickson
    S. Ibaka
    C. Landry
    C. Maggette
    K. Martin (Kenyon)
    A. Marrow
    A. Stoudamire
    R. Westbrook
    L. Williams
    (5th pick this year)

    2.(Finished 2nd regular season, 4th playoffs)
    A. Bargnani
    C. Billups
    D. Collison
    J. Crawford
    C. Delfino
    G. Dragic
    L. Fields
    T. Gibson
    M. Ginobli
    A. Horford
    K. Humphries
    C. Kaman
    K. Lowrey
    A. Miller
    R. Sessions
    R. Stucky
    G. Wallace
    (10th pick this year)

    This is a very fun and active league! Looking forward to the competition!

    If you have any questions at all please ask.

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