Hi guys & welcome to the ABA!

A few points about the draft.

We'll start the draft in 2 or 3 days. I'll give everyone plenty of notice once the league is full.

The draft order will be determined by the Sports.ws computer.

The 2nd round is in reverse of the 1st. So, if you have the 3rd pick in round 1, you'll have the 3rd from the last in round 2.

Each set of two rounds are different but the even number rounds are the mirror oppsite of the round before it.

All 12 rounds will be shown on the DRAFT board once the draft has begun.

For the new guys:

3 things to look for in the draft.

Players with the highest "points per game" or points per minute" are your best bet.

Players that are listed at multiple positions are very valuable.

Draft players that play enough to cover your 240 minutes.

There are a lot of vets in this league & they all can help. If you have questions, please ask.