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Yeah, you are at the same point as me, only there was a lengthy conversation about being a helper of riften like mjoll and said she would make me thane if I purchased Honeyside. Are you sure it isn't in your miscellaneous objectives to purchase it from the steward? That's where it is for me.
I just did not help enough people. I helped the dark elf in the market find out about his past and then ran to the Jarl and up came the option for the house. It is not as big as the place in Solitude or Windhelm, but it definitely fits my needs since it has a garden, alchemy lab, enchanting table, and tanning rack.

I breezed through the Thieves Guild and Darkbrother hood and missed the Guild Master and Ancient Darkbrother hood armor. Now I am trying to get both this time through.

I tried to be a good guy, but it is just not as fun.