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Thread: Boy who battled cancer meets Peyton Manning

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    Default Boy who battled cancer meets Peyton Manning

    I hope this kid is cancer free for the rest of his life and grows up to be an NFL QB

    Boy Who Battled Cancer Meets Peyton Manning

    By Mark Barber, Multi-Media Journalist - email

    Football a special game for Jordan Jackson, a sixth grader from Barnwell, South Carolina. And this week one of his football dreams came true in a very special way.

    Jordan loves the game, but he can't quite play like he used to.

    "I used to be a quarterback, I used to play football," says Jordan.

    Change came to the Jackson family after a doctor diagnosed Jordan with cancer a year ago.

    Jordan's mother, LaShanda Jackson, remembers learning about Jordan's cancer, "He told me at that time that he had a rare type of cancer, called sarcoma.

    But through his struggle with cancer, Jordan's football dream came true.

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation took Jordan to see his football hero, Peyton Manning.

    "Jordan, it's good to see you buddy," said Manning as he met Jordan.

    While he was in Indianapolis, Jordan watched Manning practice with the Colts and went to one of their games.

    He's keeping his mementos and memories from the trip close, "Me and him rode together and he asked me what my favorite basketball team was," remembers Jordan.

    Manning is injured and out for the season - something Jordan can understand.

    Manning told Jordan, "I'll get better and you get better, how about that? Let's get better together. Give me a hug, alright?" And Jordan wants the cancer to know he won't let it hold him back, "This is not going to slow me down, I'm still going to play football; I'm still going to do what I used to do."

    Jordan's cancer has been in remission now for eleven months.

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