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    I don't really get ginger jokes as jokes. "Hur hur, red hair!!" Er, OK? I like the lighthearted spirit of them and how they subvert past racist/sexist/whatever jokes, but usually I wind up feeling like someone forgot the funny part. It reminds me of a Family Guy episode I saw the other day where they're mocking the HIMYM "bro code" stuff: "Hold on--are these jokes? Do people in other castles think this is funny?"

    Anyway, I think I'm gonna read the business-insider link. Has anyone seen anything else come up regarding the matter?

    edit- Well, hrm. Guess I was hoping for something a little more thorough. A browse of google doesn't seem to reveal much progress in this story. This HuffPo article kind of lays it all out neatly and includes the SportsByBrooks tweets:

    Guess we'll see what happens.
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