So basically, because schools can't follow the rules, they change the rules to something that's "easier" to follow. (yeah right) I freaking HATE the NCAA. They don't care about any school outside of the top select few.
For decades, outsiders have debated whether college scholarships should include more than just the cost of tuition, room and board, books and fees. Now they can.

The board approved a measure allowing conferences to vote on providing up to $2,000 in spending money, or what the NCAA calls the full cost-of-attendance. Emmert insists it is not pay-for-play, merely the reintroduction of a stipend that existed for college athletes until 1972. He also compared it to the stipends received by other students who receive non-athletic scholarships.

Some thought the total amount should have been higher. At the Big Ten's basketball media day in Chicago, commissioner Jim Delany said studies have shown the average athlete pays roughly $3,000 to $4,000 out of his or her own pocket in college costs.

So the regular student pays for school. Pays for room and board. Pays for their books. And pays fees. Athletes don't pay any of it, and then they get another $2,000 to top it off?

Do they honestly think that colleges are going to magically stop at the $2,000? They couldn't handle a zero rule, so obviously they show the ability to policing themselves now.

**** them.