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Thread: New Picture of Roger Gooddell

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    Default New Picture of Roger Gooddell


    Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and NBA commissioner David Stern had a contentious moment during Friday’s NBA labor meeting.

    Stern made a comment and pointed at Wade, who took offense to the move and felt like Stern was belittling him. Wade responded by yelling his rebuttal at Stern, learned from a source close to the situation.

    Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade had an exchange of terse words with NBA commissioner David Stern.

    "You're not pointing your finger at me," Wade said, sources told ESPN. "I'm not your child."

    Moments after the blow-up, Roger Goodell was spotted eaves-dropping and witness heard him mutter:

    "He's losing his mind and I'm reaping all the benefits."


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    Default Re: New Picture of Roger Gooddell

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