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    A few random, scattered thoughts...

    How to get rid of pack racing: I'll reset a few things already mentioned. More HP, less aero. Eliminate WOT racing and make it necessary for the drivers to actually slow for corners. One thing that's not been mentioned (that I know of) that would also help increase separation is the tires. They are too damn consistent on most surfaces. Change the compounds so there is more performance degradation over the length of the tire run. 1-2 seconds difference ought to do it. The safety aspect of the cars for rear wheel contact has been addressed by the additions to the new chassis. If testing reveals they need "tweaked" I'm sure it will be a high priority.

    Fencing: This is the thing that's been occupying my mind the most. I've seen suggestions for plexiglass/lexan covering the fence and all sorts of other suggestions. Here's the problem. Splinters. Why did we do away with trackside wooden billboards and guardrail posts? Splinters. There were drivers killed by splinters. That's why we don't use wood. Lexan sheets thick enough to keep cars out of the fence without fracturing would be ungodly heavy and would present it's own problems in suspending it in front of the fencing. Ultimately, it might get solved, but I think it would cause more problems than it's fixing. The fence must have some "give" or it's just another hard crash wall. The problem is two fold. The fence is actually supported by large steel cables. The cables are there to strengthen the fence and keep the bigger bits (engines, etc) out of the stands. Because of the weight, they must be supported by posts. A lot of posts. (Note: What look like posts on a lot of the pictures that are zoomed out are actually light poles). Here's the problem I think. The fence must have some give to aid in energy absorption and so it's not a giant slingshot. We've identified that there are heavy steel cables and metal posts involved. Let's see if we can find a way to make a lighter, energy absorbing "fence" so we can do away with the cables. Then let's look at a modified system similar to the safer barriers for suspending it so there's some standoff from the posts.
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