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If you're going to fire Caldwell and Co you need to fire that shitbag Polian and his spawn too.

Firing Caldwell won't solve the problem getting rid of Polian along with him would help.

I guess for me the Colts right now are worse than the Pacers. I never had nearly as high expectations and there's the Manning factor.

Its a shame that he's won one ring and it could've been so much more and they didn't even care to put the effort to actually want to be the best.
It is just silly to me that Pacers fans who are also Colts fans are complaining the Colts have only one championship, while the Pacers somehow get a pass for never getting one when they had the chance and choking away many opportunities.

Also, let me set myself straight. Fire Caldwell, Polian, Polian JR., Coyer and the rest......NOW.