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Thread: Vid of Roy Hitting the Weights

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    Default Vid of Roy Hitting the Weights

    Not sure if this has been posted already or not. If so, my bad. Thought everyone would enjoy keeping tabs on Roy's progress.

    IMO this is EXACTLY what Roy needs to be doing. If he starts packing on lean muscle mass, especially in his lower body, he will dominate games. I don't think anyone on our team makes better use of their summers than Roy does. I'm glad to see him gaining strength, but still staying in good mobile basketball shape. i.e. building an athletic Dwight Howard type body, not a fat lazy Shaq physique. Dwight Howard dominates games because he is so strong, but also still very athletic overall. Much like David Robinson was. There's no reason that Roy couldn't do the same. Nice to see him in a REAL weight room too. Looks like he has a good trainer advising him, instead of some crackpot that's just trying to make him gain empty weight.

    If you see this, keep it up the good work Roy!

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