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Cuse will be fine, although I'm sure that team in Durham is just salivating at the thought of getting open looks from behind the arc all game long.

Pitt was the Big East's poster child for ugly, physical basketball. They will hate playing the fainting goats at Duke more than anyone else. I'm also curious to see if they have the athletes and depth in the post to get up and down with Carolina. Otherwise, the traditional ACC powers of Wake, Maryland, NC State, and Georgia Tech have been bad. FSU is up, but they play like they're in the Big East anyway.

I also would not call Kemba's Huskies the 9th best team in the conference by any stretch. They did win the conference tournament, after all.

I'm also not going to agree that the Big East's MMA style of hoops is holding it back in the tournament. The Big East style of play is a symptom of the athletes they get and the systems they run, not a diagnosis in itself.
The Huskies finished 9th in the regular season conference last season. Obviously, seeing as they won the conference tournament and the NCAA tournament, they weren't 9th by the end of the year. But they did finish the regular season ninth. (why they played 5 games in 5 days anyway) And to be honest, going into the Conference tournament..no one would have guessed the Huskies could do what they did.

I think it's coaching, not that the coaching is bad. But, when you coach all season one way, and it's "great defense" and then you get to the tournament..and suddenly "great defense" is "Foul." Teams need to adjust. And that's not the easiest thing to do instantly.

And that's really not to say the Big East team's don't do well. They do. Do a lot of them lose in the tournament, uh yea. But they have more teams in the tournament so more of them are going to lose.

But in terms of early exits, I think this is a major reason. (Especially Pitt) Ugly offense and "great defense" that ends up being a foul (because it is. I actually hate Big East basketball. Calhoun's offense drives me batty, although Uconn tends to not foul as much as other teams, because instead of being strong, they are tall and fast.) in the post season.