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    Simply, if you've used a product and found it to be the best or worst at something then put it here. PDs version of Consumer's Digest.

    I'll start.....

    The Ortho Count Home Defense Max Press and Set Mouse Trap

    I live out in the country and it seems to be an annual rite for the mouseketeers to invade the home during the fall. This is absolutely the best mouse trap in the world. Works everytime when you use peanut butter as bait and they are reusable. A little more pricey compared to the old fashioned wooden kind (2 for $4 bucks) but are so much easier to set. Out of a 5 star rating system they are easily a 5 and actually better than that.
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    Fixes anything.

    Low on cash? Not much for groceries sometimes? Ramen Noodles? Not so great tasting foods? Yeah me, too. I just throw a dab of this good **** on whatever. Bam. Problem solved.

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