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Thread: New to the forum

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    In one of these threads we were talking about Andrew Luck being the no-brainer #1 pick before last year's season as well. Mel Kiper confirms this:

    To put in perspective how comical the Andrew Luck storyline is, remember that at this time last year there was zero question about who the No. 1 pick would be. If Luck wanted to come out, he'd be taken No. 1. It was that simple. You can ask any number of scouting directors for NFL teams and they'll tell you the same. We're talking three games into Cam Newton's season, before Von Miller was considered a top-10 talent, before people even knew who Nick Fairley was. So much will change during a normal season, but Luck has been excluded.

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    Default Re: New to the forum

    Kiper is a pretty sharp dude. I do appreciate everything that he's said over the years.

    See you all soon.

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    Please ignore what you have been seeing on the field for the Colts so far this season. It is not representative of what they are actually capable of.

    Please don't tell the Colts not to draft you like Eli told the Bolts. You will like it here. Always dry, mostly in the 60's and 70's inside the second fanciest stadium in the NFL, a very Colt friendly fanbase in dire need of a player to hang all of their hopes and dreams on.

    Also, the cost of living is dirt cheap around here, so your prodigious contract would go a lot further than it would in South Beach, leaving you the money required to vacation there during the off season while maintaining a palatial estate here in the Indy metro area.

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    Brad - thanks for the info, but - DAMN. Are the Colts really that bad ?? And that Caldwell guy - has anyone checked him for a pulse lately ?? His team is getting pummeled and he stands there like a zombie. Show a pair - will ya ?? Get upset with SOMEONE !!!!

    I do have a 5th year of eligibility left ................ hmmmmmmmm.

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