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Thread: Bosh Idea

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    Default Bosh Idea

    Pacers Trade:
    Granger, Posey and 2012 first rounder

    Pacers Receive:

    Heat Trade:
    Bosh and Pittman

    Heat Receive:
    Mo Williams, Kaman, and Pacers 2012 first rounder

    Clippers Trade:
    Kaman and Mo Williams

    Clippers Receive:
    Granger, Posey and Pittman

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    Default Re: Bosh Idea

    I think it is a reasonable package on all fronts. I think the values are pretty accurate, but the only question is how does each front office see the deal. I think from Indy's standpoint, Bosh is a heck of an upgrade to our front court. Losing Granger doesn't kill us if you move George over. It actually loosens our logjam of guards. Clippers fill a huge hole at the 3 with a veteran. Granger would fit very nicely between their athletic front court and Gordon's scoring ability. Granger would be a terrific compliment to Gordon's offensive arsenal. You have to guard Granger weakside, because of his stroke and he is long enough to get to the rim when you crowd him (off the ball). Granger will be a very good veteran over the longer term of his career, IMO. Mo Williams, and Chris Kamen would be terrific fits in Miami basketball wise. Move Udonis to the four and his toughness would be good next to Kamen's post game. It might extend both of their careers. This team would only have one hole defensively at the one with Williams and half of that is effort, IMO. I just think Williams long-range shooting when Wade and James dominate the ball was a good move when Ferry made it in Cleveland. It was just their other holes were too much of a quandary. Also, James had a much more mature year this year in his game, thanks to Dwayne Wade's tutelage. The only way the Heat make this move is if the CBA forces their hand financially and right now Bosh's value is probably its highest if you have a vesting period to make a cap figure. I don't know that I would give up that first though if I am the Pacers. I would rather trade Collison, Hansborough, or Rush to make up for some of that value. Miami would love Rush as a sixth man and to ship Mike Miller's contract elsewhere. If we could take on Miller for Rush and Collison, it would probably be enough value.

    Unless the Heat wants to give Wade, they probably will look trade Bosh going into the new CBA. I think any changes to the cap structure kill their ability to move forward. They owe astounding amounts of money to three players four years from now. They will have to do something under a restructured cap.

    The Clippers would make this deal without much hesitation. Especially with Bledsoe's athleticism. You let him work through his mistakes as your best option.

    The Pacers probably wouldn't be interested in a Bosh/Hibbert front court. I think he would give us a much better chance of winning than Granger, just because of the make-up of our roster (George). I just don't see us wanting Bosh that much to give up our franchise guy who has shown the loyalty. Loyalty is too much for us to overlook in this deal, IMO.
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    Default Re: Bosh Idea

    If Miami wants to put Bosh on the market they'd get better offers than that.

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    Default Re: Bosh Idea

    If this deal was being made I'd think the Clips are probably going to have to kick in a first-rounder as well. Or Aminu.

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    Default Re: Bosh Idea

    Work it so we get Gordon from the Clips too and I'm in.

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    Default Re: Bosh Idea

    Honestly, that's a pretty stud starting line-up. I'd probably do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellations View Post
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    Honestly, that's a pretty stud starting line-up. I'd probably do it.
    Do it for sure...we give up Danny and get Bosh? That's a Legit top 5 team in the east and if George and hibbert develop more...dang

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    Default Re: Bosh Idea

    This is bad for the Heat, imo.

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