If the Colts fail to make the playoffs or have another early exit from them, what are the odds Caldwell is gone? IMO I think Caldwell has been on the hot seat from the start. I think he is a mediocre coach at best with his success coming from the players/coordinators more than his own coaching ability. A lot of our success had come from the Moore-Meeks duo, and they are both COMPLETELY(Moore) gone now. I know our D has never been "awesome" but it did enough to get us by in the past. Dungy set the standard with this team and I don't think Caldwell can live up to the high expectations from the fans and the font office. To me it seems like he is just coasting along until his own dooms day. I know what this team can do with Peyton leading the way, but we need a coach to help do this also. I just have a feeling Caldwell will not be here this time next year. And honestly if we have a bad year this year (say 9 or less wins) it will be EXTREMELY hard for us to recover from that seeing how our roster is starting to age. I think we are a player or two removed from being a middle of the pack team in this league and its scary to say that with all of the success we have had with "OK" players on our team in the past.