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Thread: Official Colts prize giveaway

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    Default Official Colts prize giveaway

    The Colts are running a promotion this year, as they have been for the past couple of seasons, where have partnered up with a Search + Win Site to give Colts fans free Colts Jerseys, T-shirts, autographs, football cards and other prizes.

    This is the link to the promo site:
    Colts Search + Win

    The Pacers used to run a similar promo but the discontinued it about a year ago.

    So far I got a free Colts T-shirt and some football cards from it. I also entered the contest to win the 2008 team autographed football.

    Has anyone else used this Colts promo?

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    swagbucks is awesome!! i've used it for a while now and I've redeemed some prizes on there, such as iTunes gift cards. I used the Pacers promo site on there back when it was still up and running, but now I only use the actual I'd definitely recommend it, though.

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    One of the prizes they have added on the Colts Search + Win site is 2 free tickets to any 2011 Colts game of your choice.

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    And they also have a sweepstake to win a game used glove which is probably more valueable than the Colts tickets they are giving away right now!

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