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He's not this bad all the time, but this is the type of game he plays: selfish. He has no athleticism or lift, he doesn't play within the team, and frequently does stupid things with the ball. I won't be shedding any tears when he graduates.
Maybe, but like or not, he's got that goofy streakiness to his game, and I think we're decent enough to hide it for the most part. As bizarre as it sounds, we know Watford can have those games where he uses his size advantage perfectly and he can't be stopped. I expect he'll win us a game or two this year with a couple of those games. Yes he'll probably frustrate us a lot of the time, but with Elston's improvement and Zeller's arrival, Crean has the ability to pull the string on his minutes in games where he just doesn't have it, which is what we sort of saw in the second half tonight. Lots of Pritchard, Elston, and even Sheehey at the 4.