This is the guess the points thread for the Pacer game at Denver on 10/24/2004

Game time is 8:00 PM

Full rules for the guess the score contest were last posted here, however here is the short version:

  • The difference between your picks for each team and their real score is added together. That is your "off by". Lowest wins. You pick Pacers 90 Knicks 80. The real score is Knicks 95 Pacers 81. You are off by 24. (90-81) + (95-80).
  • No contingency picks.
  • The format of your post matters. See the full rules thread for details.
  • Winner gets his name listed in the winners list.

This thread will be closed to guesses and all valid guesses posted at approximately 15 minutes before game time.

Good luck.

Winners to date:

Game DatePosterOffby
10/16/2004Will Galen9