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Thread: Quick update on Roy

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    Default Quick update on Roy

    JD Sell in Terre Haute, IN:
    Was tweeting with Roy Hibbert earlier today, and true to his word, he's been out there working out and honing his game every day. How realistic do you think it is that Roy could be one of the top 3 centers in the league this year?

    Lang Greene:
    I'm happy Roy is dedicating the time to hone his craft. When I saw Roy drop to 255 pounds before last season I knew the kid was "mentally" tuned in. There are centers in the league more athletic than him, but Roy is focused on becoming the best player he can be.

    When I talked with him earlier this season he mentioned Jeff Foster as being a big influence on his desire to keep the weight off. I know most of you is thinking ... Jeff Foster? Yeah right! But I'm not joking and I totally see why Roy mentioned him.

    Jeff isn't the most talented big man but that guy's motor is always on. He always created things for himself because of his hustle and willingness to go all out every play. That's how he survived in the league so long when guys more talented like Stromile Swift and Eddy Curry have faded.

    Roy wanted to match the activity level Foster displayed on both ends of the floor. The only way to do that was to lose the weight.

    I like Roy, but Top 3 NEXT season is a stretch. I'd take Dwight Howard, Al Horford, Andrew Bogut, Brook Lopez and Nene over him next season off the top of my head.

    Me Julie in Stains, England:
    Last week you said the Pacers will eventually trade Danny Granger to make room for Paul George at SF. When its all said and done, who will have the better career: George or Granger

    Lang Greene:
    If Danny Granger retired today, Paul George would have some major work to put in from an individual standpoint.

    Danny has posted three straight 20+ point per game scoring seasons, earned an All-Star, won a Most Improved Player award and ranks in the top 100 all-time in 3PT field goals made and 3PT percentage.
    Until I see PG put in solid work full-time under the bright lights as "the man" opponents scheme to stop ... I have to roll with Danny G.
    LOL, Danny would be a much bigger star with a bigger market. I think he is a little under appreciated here

    Read more NBA news and insight:
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    Default Re: Quick update on Roy

    Quote Originally Posted by 90'sNBARocked View Post
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    LOL, Danny would be a much bigger star with a bigger market. I think he is a little under appreciated here

    Read more NBA news and insight:
    Danny is our best player by some distance, but he'd be a small fish in a big market.

    On the Bulls, for example, he's lucky to be their 3rd most valuable piece. Both DRose and Noah are more valuable. Deng and Granger are a toss-up. Danny's better offensively. Deng is better defensively. Until Danny shows he can defend better, he will see guys like Iggy take his spot in all star games and the like. Just because Danny shoots like he was born in the OK-Corral doesn't mean he's a much better player than Luol Deng...or that he's as good as Iggy.

    Or maybe Coach K is wrong and everyone else is right about defense being unimportant.

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