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Thread: mourning?

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    Default mourning?

    it looks like mourning is going to make another comeback....
    what do you think it would take to get him on our team?

    would you guys want him on our team?

    i love foster, and i think pollard will be mch better this year..
    but what do yo thin?

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    Default Re: mourning?

    I like Mourning. Even with Pollard looking better, I'd be fine trading Pollard for Mourning.
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    Default Re: mourning?

    Sorry, but I think it would be too big of a risk to have me on the team.

    Seriously though, he is my favorite non-Pacer player, he's a warrior, but and that's the sad thing a limped warrior. I hope he will have atleast one good season with a decent team, so he can retire with a good ending to his career.


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    Default Re: mourning?

    I'd love to have him on our team as long as he is healthy.
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    Default Re: mourning?

    I he is heathy & could go through a whole 82 game, playing 15- 20 a night I'm all for it. I think his toughness & strenght as a person who help out our neww big menn a great deal.

    But I'd hate to see Foster in that deal. He just bust his *** to much and is a great team player

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