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Thread: Eric Mangini joins ESPN as an NFL Analyst

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    Default Eric Mangini joins ESPN as an NFL Analyst

    Eric Mangini to be ESPN NFL analyst
    Comments 0By Michael Hiestand, USA TODAY
    Updated 45m ago
    Former Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini.CAPTIONBy Andrew Weber, US PresswireEric Mangini will soon join ESPN's legions of studio analysts. ESPN confirms a New York Post report that the former coach of the Jets and Browns will be hired, but the ESPN spokesman who made the confirmation declined to be identified because the formal announcement hasn't been made. That announcement could come as early as Thursday.

    The addition of Mangini would stand out in an off-season with relatively few changes in NFL TV coverage. Most networks are largely standing pat, although there will be some changes. Among those changes: Marv Albert will replace Gus Johnson -- who's moved to Fox for college coverage -- on CBS NFL games, and Michele Tafoya replaces Andrea Kremer on NBC's Sunday night NFL sidelines and ESPN announced this week that Hugh Douglas, an ex-NFL defensive lineman, will become a studio analyst.

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    Default Re: Eric Mangini joins ESPN as an NFL Analyst

    instead of misguiding his football team, he can now misguide the viewing audience just like the rest of the clowns at espn

    he should fit right in
    Paddle faster, I hear banjos!

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