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Thread: Phil Jackson to present Rodman and Winter in the HOF

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    Default Phil Jackson to present Rodman and Winter in the HOF


    Phil Jackson to present Rodman, Winter into Hall of Fame
    Kurt Helin
    Jul 31, 2011, 8:00 PM EDT
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    Phil Jackson may have walked away from basketball, but he’s still got some duties to perform.

    At the Hall of Fame inductions on Aug. 12, Jackson is going to be a busy man. He has been asked to be the presenter for both Tex Winter, his long-time assistant coach, and Dennis Rodman, a former player of Jackson’s with the Bulls.

    Rodman rose to prominence at the heart of he “Bad Boy” Pistons, and that team’s coach Chuck Daly might have been Rodman’s first choice if Daly were still with us. But there is a real connection between Jackson and Rodman from the Bulls era as well — Jackson called Rodman the greatest pure athlete he ever coached.

    Tex Winter is best remembered as Jackson’s assistant coach and offensive guru, but he had a legendary career before that. He literally wrote the book on the triangle offense, an offense run at all levels of the game. Before that he was a top college coach (he took Kansas State to the Final Four twice and was national coach of the year).

    These kinds of moments suit Jackson and his stature in the game. Being on the sidelines does not any more, he didn’t seem to have that same fire last season.

    The induction ceremony takes place Aug. 12 in Springfield, Mass., at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

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    Default Re: Phil Jackson to present Rodman and Winter in the HOF

    Half the crowd at the ceremony will be police to arrest the HOF committee for robbing Reggie.

    Carmel HS Class of 2011

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    Dennis Rodman to Enter Hall of Fame Via Helicopter

    by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

    Earlier this week, there was a bit of a letdown when we learned that Dennis Rodman would be on his best behavior during his Hall of Fame ceremony. But fear not, the event will not be a bore.

    It will be featuring Dennis Rodman after all, as the headliner no less.

    The eccentric Hall of Famer tells the Miami Herald that he will arrive at the induction ceremony by helicopter, with acrobats doing some kind of performance. Of course he will:

    Dennis Rodman told us Tuesday he will arrive at his Basketball Hall of Fame induction Friday by helicopter. He wanted to enter the Hall on a colorful float, “but they wouldn’t let me block off the street” in Springfield, Mass.

    He said he will hire acrobats to perform and “a couple of my outfits will be ‘out there.’ Whatever might be too zany is not too zany.” His marketing agent, Floyd Ragland, said Rodman is spending $60,000 to fly in Penny Marshall, Howard Stern and other friends. Phil Jackson is Rodman’s presenter.

    Amazingly, the Hall of Fame folks seem to be embracing Rodman’s wild side; following the event, they will reportedly put the “gaudy” outfit Dennis plans to wear tomorrow night on display.

    No word yet if the helicopter and acrobats will also be inducted.

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