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Thread: Session already talking trash to Colts

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    Default Session already talking trash to Colts

    The Jaguars have beaten the Colts just five times in 20 meetings.

    Jacksonville feels like it’s on the verge of a breakthrough, though.It split last season, and in the past seven meetings the average score has been Indy 27.3, Jacksonville 24.3.

    Signing free-agent weakside linebacker Clint Session away from the Colts could help close that gap for a team that can have trouble finishing. He certainly thinks so.

    He was asked Friday about whether the Colts will be the divisional powerhouse anymore.
    “They won’t. All I can tell you is I’m a guy, I buy into when I join an organization, when I join a system I buy in. I’m an intense player; I’m an intense guy personally. That kind of stuff right there, I’m not saying anything lacks here, but that stuff rubs off. I’m going to bring whatever I can bring to help the team out. Hey, they can be beat.”

    I think both teams can reasonably say they wouldn't expect him to say anything else at this point, but it makes for a nice enhanced rivalry dynamic.

    He said he's looking forward to playing with Daryl Smith and with Terrance Knighton in front of him.

    "I mean I didn’t have beef like that at Indy ever," he told Jacksonville media. "That’s going to be fun, to be able to fly around and just do some hitting.”

    Session also spoke about the Colts' pattern and philosophy of playing young linebackers and typically letting guys who get to free agency move on.

    “It definitely gives that added chip on your shoulder just because everybody wants to be the guy to say, ‘Okay I’m the guy to make a difference in Indianapolis and they’re going to sign me,’ and they didn’t,” he told the Jacksonville media. “That’s because, like I said earlier on the radio, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’m not belittling myself saying I’m trash or anything like that, but it’s just I feel I can be very appreciated here and utilized to the fullest here.”

    Interesting.. He seems to be angry the Colts didn't re-sign him. He's way overpaid down there and likely won't sniff the playoffs for a few years, so thats fine with me.
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