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Thread: Does anybody else wonder if Bird wants another wing? Or are we all set?

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    Default Does anybody else wonder if Bird wants another wing? Or are we all set?

    We have just landed George Hill in a trade, yeah. But, Bird said that he wants to have the best bench in the league. What if that means he wants Paul George to slide to the bench to make a Lance/Hill/George trio off the bench? Do any of you guys think that is a possibility, or do you think we are set there? If not, who do you think we'll go after?

    The reason I am asking this is because of Bird's comment about him wanting the Pacers to have the best bench in the league. I don't think we can sign a backup three without breaking the bank (Signing a guy like Tayshaun or Battier to expensive contracts), so I am wondering if anyone else shares the idea that Bird wants to go Starting SG/Hill and Granger/George? Obviously George or Hill would be losing some minutes along the way, but as long as we have the best depth in the league, isn't that a very good thing?

    Say that we get a shooting guard such as Crawford, Mayo, etc.. Who's main objection is to get the ball in the basket. He plays around 28-30 minutes, Hill gets 10-15 minutes behind him, and he gets 10-15 minutes at backup point. Granger gets 35 minutes, and George gets 13 minutes behind him, and the scrap minutes as the two so that he gets more than plenty of time to develop (I am one of George's biggest fans so I'm not throwing him under the bus). Wouldn't that be a great thing?

    Just wondering and trying to circulate some discussion. Who would we go after? A young guy like OJ Mayo or Marcus Thornton, or a vet like Jamal Crawford, Jason Richardson, Ray Allen in a trade if BOS were to blow it up, or even Vince Carter?

    Or are we set?

    I think that an offseason in which we acquire Hill, a starting two who can fill it up big time for us, get Lance straightened out, and sign either David West or Carl Landry, meanwhile having enough money to potentially go after a big time free agent next summer, is a home run off-season.
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