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Thread: Bullitt stays ....

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    Default Bullitt stays ....|

    Melvin Bullitt will remain a central figure with the Indianapolis Colts defense.

    The veteran safety has agreed to re-sign with the team, according to a source close to Bullitt. Details of the multi-year contract, which cannot be signed until Friday, were not immediately available.

    Bullitt, who originally joined the Colts in 2007 as an undrafted rookie, has started 24 regular-season games and appeared in 48. He missed the final 12 games of 2010 with a shoulder injury.

    Bullitt is expected to start alongside Antoine Bethea in the secondary.

    In four seasons, Bullitt has 178 tackles and six interceptions.

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    Default Re: Bullitt stays ....

    I shudder to imagine what our defense might look like without him and Bethea back there.

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    Default Re: Bullitt stays ....

    Bullitt has always been my favorite player. Good to see him back. Hopefully he can stay injury free this season.

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    Default Re: Bullitt stays ....

    I am so glad he is being re-signed. I was afraid that he would be let go.

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    Default Re: Bullitt stays ....

    I'm only happy he's back just due to the fact that hopefully we won't have to see Aaron Fransico play another snap for the Colts.

    Other than that, I can't say I'm overly thrilled nor am I upset. This was just another average move the Colts make.
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