It's quite early to start talking about this, but then again it may never be too early to start thinking about this.

The questions are:
1. What do we do with the 2011 draft now the NBA is in a lockout? I guess the obvious answer is to proceed as normal. Change nothing really.
2. I think we need to start thinking about the 2012 draft and specifically the scenario in which the whole 2011/2012 season is gone without a single game played. It may never go that way, but I am of the opinion that we need to be make a decision if it were to go that way, before the coming season should officially start.
This prevents discussion and potential bickering (sp?) when this particular scenario were to become reality, so everyone knows on forehand what will happen next.

Please, feel free to give your opinion. I think it's important to get this straight. The sooner, the better.