Now that Bird has decided to remove the interim tag from Frank Vogel and make him the Pacers' head coach, I think it's time to start feeling out the roster somewhat.

In his post-draft interview, Bird spoke of the "core" group of players for the team, but he didn't identify who was among that core group. I would think the core consists of:

Likely Starters:
C - Hibbert
PF - Jmac (or Hans, if Jmac doesn't resign)
SF - Granger
PG - Collison
SG - George Hill

Primary Reserves:
SF - Dahntey Jones
SG - Paul George
PF - Hans (if not the starting PF assuming Jmac walks)
Combo Guard: Lance Stephenson

Possibly retained, but Odd men out:

FA's...Doubtful to return:
Dunleavy, Foster (though I hope I'm wrong)

Most Likely to be Traded:

Won't return:
Ford, Solo, Posey

I think with the 9 players I've listed as likely starters and primary reserves, this team if healthy can win 45-48 games easily, if not more. The team's immediate needs at this point is to either retain Foster or find another backup Center. All other positions should be adequately covered.