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    Pacers trade: Rush, Jones, McRoberts, Posey and 2012 1st rnd draft pick - lottery protected, 2013 2nd rnd pick.
    Pacers get: Josh Smith, Vince Carter, Markeiff Morris.

    Suns trade: Carter, Lopez, Morris.
    Suns get: James Posey, Brandon Rush, Keith Benson, Pacers 2013 2nd rnd pick.

    Hawks trade: Smith, Benson.
    Hawks get: Robin Lopez, Josh McRoberts, Dahntey Jones, Pacers 2012 1st rnd pick - lottery protected.

    Suns are trying to buy out Carter's contract. I would think they would show interest on trading him to open their cap space.
    This would allow to resign Brooks and whoever else they need to fill needs.

    S&T Josh - Pacers have rookie rights on Josh.

    Brandon Rush, Dahntey Jones, James Posey - Dropped 13 million.

    Jeff Foster 2 yrs. 3mil.
    Aaron Gray 3 yrs. 4.5mil.
    Matt Howard 500k 1yr.

    Markieff Morris 1.5mil. for 1st yr.?
    Josh Smith's contract is only 2 yrs. So, he shouldn't mess with our extensions on DC & Hans.

    Approx. figures on salaries
    37-13=24+18=42+12=54+1.5=55.5+1.5=57+1.5=58.5+.5=59mi llion.
    18 million is Carter's which comes off at end of year.
    Will put Pacers back down to 40.5mil at end of year and able to sign Hibbert and Hill extensions.

    I just threw Gray in line up for head count & salary fill.

    Roy Hibbert / Arron Gray / Jeff Foster
    Josh Smith / Tyler Hansbrough / Markieff Morris
    Danny Granger / Paul George / Matt Howard
    Vince Carter / George Hill / Lance Stephenson
    Darren Collison / AJ Price
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