Ok so ive been tryin to come up with a trade the would bring the two things we need. Scoring and a Big man. This adresses it. Idk if the money matches up cause trade machine isnt working(maybe some draft picks in there too somewhere....

LAKERS GET: Dwight Howard, Brandon Rush, Hedo Turgolou and Roy Hibbert

Pacers Get: Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo and Andrew Bynum

Orlando Gets: Pau Gasol, James Posey, Ron Artest and Xavior Henry

Memphis Gets: Danny Granger, JJ Reddick, Matt Barnes and Dante Jones.

If the money worked out The lakers would be getting Dwigh Howard a superstar for years to come. Hibbert a young improving player. They both replace bynum and Gasol. They also pick up a young Wing in Brandon Rush, and A vet in Hedo while getting rid of matt barnes and ron artest. Thats pretty close to an even swap. Overall lakers get younger and possibly better.

Orlando Pretty much loses in this, but at least they get something out of Howard instead of losing him for nothing. They get an allstar in gasol altho he is a little older. They get an expiring contract in posey, a Vet in ron artest who can bring some energy and a young solid, improving player in Henry. Memphis gets danny granger who is an allstar in his own right, a solid defender and 6th man in dante jones and matt barnes. and 3point specialist in jj redick. Him and Granger will compliment Conly and Randolph well.

Last but not least the pacers. They finally get A scorer in Rudy gay and OJ mayo and a young BIG man who can actually rebound and score in the post as well as defend. Gay will equal the production of granger(not as good defensivly but better at scoring) Oj May is a scoring gaurd who can play the 1 or 2(mainly 2) We lose nothing in this trade. Bynum> Hibbert Gay=Granger Mayo> Dante jones+Brandon rush and posey doesnt even play. I feel we make out like a bandet.
PG: Collison/George Hill/Lance/Price
SF:Paul George/Rudy Gay
PF:Tyler H/Sign free agent or make another trade
C: Bynum/Freeagent/Trade

I believe this is a winning team. Yes we have a log jam at wing and point, but we could trade lance and or price for a back up PF or C. Plus we would have money to play with in free agency....This of course is all wishful thinking and isnt going to happen, but it was fun!!