Im not even sure how I would feel about this trade and to be ok with it I would probably rather see it happen once the season starts and can get a feel for how our team is going to compete but if we appear headed for another 7-8 seed in the playoffs here it is -

Indiana Gets:
1 - Courtney Lee
2 - Patrick Patterson
3 - Jordan Hill
4 - Hasheem Thabeet
5 - Trade Exception to cover Posey's Contract
6 - 2012 1st round pick

Houston Gets:
1 - Danny Granger
2 - James Posey
3 - Brandon Rush
4 - AJ Price
5 - Future 2nd round pick of Houston's choice

Again I don't know how I would feel about trading Danny away….part of me wants to see him retire a Pacer, but then again Im not sure with our young team we are close enough to competing for a championship while he is still prime enough to be a key factor….so if we decided we wanted to get some value for him this could be the time to do it.

For Indiana I think Patterson and Lee are the key's to this deal. In Lee I think we get our starting SG allowing George to move over to what I feel is his natural position of SF and also Patterson likely moves into the starting PF spot allowing Tyler to play in the 2nd unit where he will destroy opposing backup PF's and likely be a candidate for 6th man for years to come. Hill gives and athletic backup C and Thabeet could still have some potential. Having a 2nd pick in the 2012 draft gives us more flexibility as well. This I feel would be great value for Danny.