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Thread: LAC/ORL and LAL/CLE

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    Default LAC/ORL and LAL/CLE

    Pacers get: Eric Gordon

    Clippers get: Dwight Howard, Ryan Anderson

    Magic get: Danny Granger, Kaman, 2012 Minny Pick, 2013 Indy pick

    Magic get good value in return for Howard. They get an All-Star calliber SF, a productive expring, and likely a top 5 pick in possibly the best draft in a decade.

    Clippers get a veteran Superstar to pair with their improving young guys.

    Pacers bring home Eric Gordon and more cap space.

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    Pacers get: D. Ebanks, 2012 Lakers 1st

    Cavs get: James Posey, Dahntay Jones

    Lakers get: Baron Davis

    The Cavs have 3 point guards, one will have to go.

    Lakers need a starting calliber point guard. when motivated Davis, is still a good player. I'm sure he will stay motivated when he's on a contender.

    Pacers clear salary and roster space and add a future 1st.

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    Default Re: LAC/ORL and LAL/CLE

    Clips trade would be pretty sweet but it seems like they'd probably just cut out the middle man and send Gordon to Orlando.

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