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Thread: George Hill - NBA Comparison?

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    Default George Hill - NBA Comparison?

    Here's my past comparison - Byron Scott

    George is only a 1/2" shorter. He's quick with and without the ball. Reads the lane openings well and makes good strong cuts to the basket. Slashing style when driving and uses his long stride to separate from his defender(s). Runs the break well and finishes as necessary at the rim (ie: using the glass AND dunking with authority). Good spot up shooter from long range and has a nice crossover and pull up mid range shot. Defensively better than average. Capable of playing 30+ mpg at both guard slots. Overall a smart player who will do more good for your system and team than bad. Anyone else come to mind?

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    Default Re: George Hill - NBA Comparison?

    I think Mr. Hill will be similar to the guy who used to back up the PG spot for the Spurs.
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    Default Re: George Hill - NBA Comparison?

    normally we compare guys coming out of college. We dont need to compare him to anyone. Everyones seen him play now (I hope).

    For some reason I have a feeling that this move was made due to what Rose did to us in the playoffs...we'll finally have a larger PG that can play defence (I miss Jack)
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    Default Re: George Hill - NBA Comparison?

    Brandon Rush without the propensity to toke?

    A smaller Derrick McKey with a few more flashes of offense and an ability to bring the ball up the floor?

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    Default Re: George Hill - NBA Comparison?

    The Spurs did this once before too. Interesting:

    Oh and just TRY and tell me this guys doesn't sound like their Paul George after his rookie season. Seriously...
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