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Thread: First Hungarian drafted congrats Adam Hanga!!!!!!!!

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    Default First Hungarian drafted congrats Adam Hanga!!!!!!!!

    My fellow country man i am proud of you. We are a water polo power and now we have a player drafted in the NBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the Spurs!!!!

    magyar and Hungarians are proud!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: First Hungarian drafted congrats Adam Hanga!!!!!!!!

    Long time lurker from Hungary and this is my first post, so hey everyone Ever since I discovered the Digest, I've loved it. Simply put, the best site for Pacer fans.

    This was a great night and was worth staying up till 7AM (was also a good idea to take a day off for today haha). I was very happy with the acquisition of Hill and even became happier when Adam got picked. Never thought I'd see a thread with Adam's name in the title here at PD

    Although DraftExpress' Givony put him on his latest mocks, I never believed he'd get selected. I am very happy for and proud of Adam, even though most likely he'll never set foot in the NBA. Dare I say he's the most athletic Hungarian player ever or at least of those I have ever watched. He's very quick with decent handles who attacks the rim well. I think this is what caught Buford's and his scouts' eyes in Eurocamp. We'll see how he fares against better competition. Good thing a mid-lower table team got him in Spain, as he'll probably have the playing time to impress. If he ever became a reliable outside shooter and put great effort in his defense (he has the tools), I'd not be shocked to see him one day in the NBA.
    uno, due, trezegol!

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